Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

CYO's Mission: To offer to all youth, sports and recreation programs emphasizing friendly competition through good sportsmanship modeled by adult participants; To invite all participants, Catholic and otherwise, youth and adults, to share in the life of their Church and Faith community
1. Making the Connection: Phase I: More than half of our participants are active members of our Parish. They are registered parishioners with their children active in the Faith Formation Program our Parish offers.
2. Making the Connection: Phase II: Beautify the Church is a new Program that CYO has developed asking the CYO kids and parents to come in once every season for 1-2 hours to beautify the church property. Landscaping is perfected, Christmas Lights are lit and Flowers are planted for Easter in an effort to not only beautify our church property but to have our children and parents work together in serving God.
3. Accredited Program: Our Parish Level Board Members have maintained an Accredited Status within the Zone due to their hard work in assuring that all policies and procedures are followed to the guidelines set before the Archdiocese.
4. Continued Growth: The number of participants in our program has grown every year for the last 4 years, with more children becoming involved in this program offered by our Parish. With more coaches enrolling in this Ministry for our children and with more Parents becoming more and more active every season.
5. Mission's Night Out: This is an outing held during our Baseball / Softball Season. With proceeds collected from selling Parade Chairs during the San Antonio Fiesta Parade's, CYO pays for ALL CYO children and coaches to attend a night at the Mission's Stadium to enjoy the Minor League Game. Our teams proudly wear their St. Dominic's Colors and stand tall while representing God and our Church. This year, the Church joined us and our number of attendants exceeded Catholic Night at the Missions....a Great Accomplishment for St. Dominic's and CYO.

To join, Meetings are held every 4th Wednesday at 6:30 PM in Portable 2.

CYO requires that participant's be registered parishioners or live within the St. Dominic Catholic Church Boundaries. Parents/Guardians must bring a copy of the child's birth certificate along with proof of residence. For registered parishioner's this would be a church contribution envelope they receive monthly. For those who are not registered yet live within the boundaries this would be a copy of a utility bill with name and address. i.e. CPS, SAWS or AT&T.

NOTE: Players who do not live in this parish or do not fall under the active member expectation must first attempt to register at their perspective Parish and then go to the zone for replacement, where a Zone Release form is needed. If a player does not live within the Parish boundary and is an active Member of the Parish, a Parishioner Release form is needed. Once all of the above is completed, the Registrar will verify age and place all children possible on an official CYO Roster, by following Registration Guidelines.

For registration information Contact our Registrar Meloney Vega 210-550-8830,