Liturgy team proviedes training and scheduling for people who serve during the Holy Sacrament of the Mass.  Ministry coordinators will be appointed by the Pastor, Fr. Phillip D. Henning, 210-435-6211.

Mass Coordinators

Cirilo Pastrano (210) 434-4483,

Mass coordinators set up for Mass preparing the Sanctuary and arranging for the collections;  special celebrations, e.g. Wedding, Baptism, ACTS return Mass, etc.. They reserve the proper pews and ensure there are sufficient hosts and wine and the proper collection bags are in place.  They also ensure all liturgical ministers are in place.  They check with the Presider or Deacon for special instructions.


Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers

Coordinator - Robert and Sylvia Picacio, 210-598-0508,

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, also called Eucharistic Ministers.  To be an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, one must be a practicing Catholic (i.e. coming to Mass on a regular basis including Holy Days of Obligation and and attending the Sacrament of Reconciliation).  Also, one must have a criminal background check.   Extraordinary ministers assist the priests and deacons during the Holy Mass after the priest has completed the consecration of the Bread and Wine which is called the Transsubstantiation.  They help distribute Holy Communion to the congregation and in special cases to the homebound and those who are in hospitals and nursing homes.  There are required classes that a person called to the ministry must take. 



CoordinatorRobert Picacio,

Lectors, also called Readers, in life certain people are given the gift to become public speakers. A person who has a calling to proclaim the Word of God has been given a gift by the Holy Spirit to read God's Word to those in our parish and to the congregation on Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation, Week Days, and other special celebrations.  A person receiving this call must attend a training class held twice a year, given by the coordinator for readers.


Ushers and Greeters

Coordinator - Sebastian Luna (210) 413-7438,

These ministers of hospitality are responsible for greeting and welcoming people as they come to Mass, taking the collection, seeing that people find seats in the assembly space, and directing parishoners during communion or other processions.  Ushers also check the over all tidiness of the church before the next Mass begins and for dealing with an emergencies that occur during the celebration of the Mass.  Candidates should be willing to undergo training for this ministry, and commit to serving at their Mass on a regular basis.  Any man or woman, high school and older is invited to join in this ministry. 


Altar Servers

Coordinator - Paul Buentello 210-859-0611, pbuentello201452

For children who want to become an altar server they must meet certain requirements, a child or person must have made their First Communion and is a practicing Catholic.  We ask that parents participate in this ministry if a child is within the age of 7-13 to help their children in this ministry (i.e. attending Mass, practicing the Sacrament of Reconciliation regularly and often).  The altar server can be a boy or girl who is willing to assist the priest and deacon during the Holy Mass. They are described as leaders of prayer in the example of the Holy Angels that surround the sanctuary in the presence of Christ.  This ministry helps teach the children good moral values that will last a lifetime.  Many children who grew up serving have also been called to vocations of the priesthood and religious life.



Coordinator - Alice Kinard, 210-218-9867,

Music Minister is responsible for all the choirs.  Music Minister ensures choirs will be available for every Mass and special Masses ensuring music is in accordance with the liturgical season.


Homebound Ministry

Margie Escobedo (210) 684-1582,

Homebound Ministry maintains that special connection of church-life with parishoners who are either temporarily or permanently unable to attend Mass.  Homebound ministrers take the Holy Eucharist to those homebound members of our church, letting them know they are loved and being prayed for, sharing the Sunday Gospel, a listening ear, and a chat or simply a card or telephone call.  Visits are prearranged between the parishoner and ministers.